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Our Story

EspressoNOW is a Global enterprise with offices located in Australia and UK. The company is ever expanding due to its superior capacity to cater to the coffee needs of the corporate office environment.

Our Vision; To create a consistent, hassle free Espresso experience to any corporate office in Australia, by three pillars – Exceptional Coffee, Exceptional Machines and Exceptional Service.

Our Mission;  To offer real value to our customers by creating an enjoyable office environment and increased productivity through a total solution to in-house Espresso.

EspressoNOW is committed to the ‘Three Inseparable Pillars’, on which the company was founded

Pillar 1 - Exceptional Coffee

Like everything in life, we strive not only for excellence, but consistency.   This is achieved by using the finest blends and techniques, refined to ensure the same result, time and time again, day in, day out.  A broad selection of fresh coffee blends will continue to satisfy – Every taste, every time!

Pillar 2 - Exceptional Machines

All our machines have been carefully chosen and  tested for suitability for the Markets they are required in. We are continually refining these machines in our testing labs to ensure they live up to expectations.  To achieve such high standards, our machines must meet the following requirements:

  • Metal brewing groups (No more plastic which tends to flavour the coffee)
  • Fresh whole coffee (Bean-to-Cup)
  • Use only fresh Milk

Pillar 3 - Exceptional Service

Great coffee and wonderful machines are one thing, but what if it breaks down?  Many of our customers who had previously purchased other coffee machines, continually experienced break downs, and received little or no assistance from their supplier.    This is where the Inseparable Pillar of Service comes in…   Our service technicians are on call to offer you exceptional service should the need arise.  Regular, scheduled visits with our trained technicians will ensure your machine is maintained and kept in optimal condition.