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BN5000 – Large

Ideal for Larger Corporate Environments & Hospitality

The EspressoNOW BN5000 brings the pleasures of the coffee culture directly to your door.

The EspressoNOW BN5000 is elegant in design, user friendly and demonstrates a totally professional approach. It’s ideal for sophisicated locations with an attractive design in mirror finish stainless steel with effective LED lighting. demonstrating a totally professional approach.

Thanks to its compact size, the EspressoNOW BN5000 fits in anywhere and advanced technology will cope with any situation. The easy to use controls have ten push buttons, giving up to twenty product options. The display window and adjustable height cup shelf are functional and uncomplicated.

The EspressoNOW BN5000 opens up a whole spectrum of coffee varieties in a single machine. Typical creations such as latte macchiato or cappuccino offer exceptional taste and consistency. A choice of coffee beans is on offer, freshly ground from two quality grinders and perfectly complemented with topping or fresh milk, perfectly frothed.

Product Specifications

  • Water temperature93 º C
  • Beans Capacity1.2 kg
  • Coffee grinderTwo high performance grinders with low-noise precision burrs
  • Cup size20 - 200 ml
  • ConstructionStainless steel
  • Dimensions710 x 450 x 570 mm
  • Weight68 kg

BN5000 – Large

Ideal for Larger Corporate Environments & Hospitality

BN500 – Medium

Ideal for Medium Corporate Environments

BN50 – Small

Ideal for Smaller Corporate Environments


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