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BN500 – Medium

Ideal for Medium Corporate Environments

The quality and style of coffee served in the workplace has changed.  Discerning coffee drinkers now demand a beverage brewed in the traditional way – Barista style and Barista taste.

The BN500 auto represents the ultimate in ‘one touch’ coffee dispensing.  Precision-engineered twin Thermobloc water heaters and advanced electronic control combine to create a simple-to-operate machine, producing a range of exceptionally high quality beverages.  The BN500 auto allows ‘one touch’ dispensing of:

  • Espresso coffee
  • Long Black
  • Fresh milk cappuccino
  • Steamed milk
  • Boiling water

The large capacity 600 gram bean hopper has sufficient capacity for up to 100 cups before bean replenishment, and the LCD display enables the user to monitor all relevant machine functions.

The BN500 auto is engineered to exacting standards and may be sited in medium volume locations where it will give many years of consistently reliable service.

Product Specifications

  • Pump pressure20 bar
  • Water Capacity2.5 ltrs or direct mains connection
  • Heating systemDual cast aluminium therobloc boilet
  • Brewer mechanismElectrically heated cast brew chambers
  • Milk frotherInternal cappuccino frother with electronic dose control
  • Construction304 stainless steel
  • Bean Capacity600 grams
  • Cup Size20 - 200 ml
  • Coffee grinderHigh quality 49 mm vertical steel blades micrometric adjustment
  • Coffee brewerElectrically heated cast aluminium one-piece brew chamber
  • Voltage240 V, 50 Hz, 1500 W
  • Weight23 kg

BN5000 – Large

Ideal for Larger Corporate Environments & Hospitality

BN500 – Medium

Ideal for Medium Corporate Environments

BN50 – Small

Ideal for Smaller Corporate Environments


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