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Our Blends

EspressoNOW has a range of unique blends that are carefully roasted exclusively for us.

With only the best green beans and the most stringent quality control and testing, we ensure that the same consistent flavour is experienced time and time again.

Arabica EN

This 100% Arabica blend has rich chocolaty notes on the palate. It is a medium bodied blend, expertly roasted light to medium. Premium Arabica beans have been selected to create this delicious blend.

Signature EN

Medium roasted, sweet and smooth on the palate. It is a blend of Arabica beans which when brewed, produces a rustic amber crema. Beans have been sourced from the growing regions of India, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Italian Gourmet EN

A full bodied blend, rich in quality. Complex and intense with distinct floral notes to rounded smooth dark cocoa. Made up of fruity Tanzanians, Indian Robustas & Brazillian Arabicas.


Expertly roasted dark to create a smooth flavourful taste profile without the caffeine.

Fairtrade Organic

Roasted light to Medium with floral notes, this coffee is pleasing on the palate. This is a truly exquisite roast sourced from organic Fairtrade regions.